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Royal Air Force Squadron Losses

RAF & AFC Squadron Losses Series, by W R Chorley and P J McMIllan. Details of every loss in front line service, from 1st April 1918. Volume 6 (1936 to the outbreak of the Second World War) is being prepared and will follow shortly. A wealth of knowledge on this important aspect of aviation history.


Air Crash Investigations

Detailed studies of aviation disasters.

RAF Bomber Command Profiles - Chris Ward

Each squadron's wartime operational history is told in great detail in Chris Ward's epic series. Each volume contains a wealth of photographs of the squadron's crews, aircraft and their operations. More volumes are being added continually.

No. 3 Group Squadron Histories

Wartime operational histories of some of the squadrons of No. 3 Group, RAF Bomber Command.

Other Unit and Campaign Histories

Other fascinating aspects of the bomber war against Germany.

Crew Biographies

The personal stories of those who took part in the air war in Europe.

Fiction - aviation and other works

Looking for something a little bit different? Try these works of fiction...

Authentic Notes

Training notes and expert information on aviation and related subjects.


Books that aren't about aviation, but we have published them anyway.

Our team

Aviation Books Ltd. is the result of collaboration in research and book production between a number of writers specialising in Bomber Command and other aviation history. Other authors are, of course, made very welcome!

Simon Hepworth

Director and author

Simon Hepworth is director of Aviation Books Ltd., as well as being an author in his own right. Simon has carried out years of research into 514 Squadron and, more recently, has written a number of books focusing on aircraft accident investigations. 


Andrew Porrelli

Senior Australian researcher

Andrew (below) has also been deeply involved in researching and writing the history of 514 Squadron, especially its Australian members. He has built up a wealth of knowledge on Australians in Bomber Command generally, and is an expert in navigating the country's extensive archives of RAAF personnel records.

Steve Smith

Director and author

Steve Smith has been for many years the official historian for 218 (Gold Coast) Squadron. His work has expanded to include all 3 Group Bomber Command Squadrons, in which he is probably the world's leading expert. Steve's latest book is 'We Are Coming Bringing Gifts', the first volume of a two-part history of No. 620 Sqn.

Chris Ward

Senior author

Chris Ward has written extensively about Bomber Command, producing not only the Squadron Profiles but also books about five of the eight groups serving the Command during the war. Chris is an acknowledged expert on 617 Squadron, having produced a number of full wartime histories of the unit. His latest Bomber Command Profile is of 102 (Ceylon) Squadron.


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